The man who can not reveal his idenity

For a while now I suppose I should be used to the thrills that come across my life. It’s not like I’m not used to seeing it by now. But lately, I’ve been casting shadows into my mind, wondering what I’m going to do next.

I’ll start off by introducing my name. It’s…..


On second thought, it might be best if I didn’t reveal what my name was because I would not like anyone who actually knows me to somehow come across this post and see the life I hide from everyone. Yes, I have quite a different life than what everyone around me thinks. I have so many friends and yet I don’t have a single trusted one. I know a lot of people, but yet don’t know them at all. And I’m perfectly fine with that.

I’ve never really cared about what other people did or say since I don’t like socializing in a sense anyway. But I do enjoy analyzing others. Watching their every move and questioning what they’re going to do next, why they’re going to do it, and what’s their upcoming actions. It’s satisfying to know that the people you’re talking to is going to take out his phone every two minutes only to find it remain the same with no texts or replies in any of their social networks.

Perhaps I’m bitter or maybe it’s from the isolation I experienced as a child away from the world. Either way doesn’t matter to me. I’ve visited a great deal of countries and met a great fold of people to know how this world act in some way or another. But I still feel the need the need to read. I need to read how humans act and how I can become closer to them.

Maybe that’s the reason why I started solving puzzles….I mean solving cases. Yes, I intend to keep this on the down low, but I think solving mysteries are perhaps the most mind throbbing cases that a man can go through.

IT all started when I played a game called Sudoku. The game was very pleasing at first, but after thousands of solved puzzles, a man can become bored. So I decided to go online one day to browse only to come across a website called craigslist. It proved to be dimwitted at first because of all of the countless posts about sex, used items people were desperate to sell, and useless posts people did by the minute.


It was until I discovered a section under the community tab noted as lost+found. I can still recall the day. I was sitting at my desk wearing a black collar shirt and black jeans after taking a walk outside. FYI…I enjoy wearing the color black and white often. It’s simple and matches nearly everything I want to put together.

Anyway, I only intended to stay online for a few minutes before I fixed myself something to eat. A majority of posts were lost owners desperate to find their pets. They were even willing to pay high bucks to have them returned back to them. I normally don’t have any interest in lost animals, but I discovered an agency known as Pet Detectives and as much as I wanted to laugh, I had another intention in mind. I wanted to test their wits and discover just hard this task was.


So I decided to pick a random post, and when I say random, I mean I wanted to find the smallest dog there possibly was. As much as I’d like to say I was an animal person, I just don’t enjoy the touch of a wet dog tongue on my body.

I nearly clapped when I came across a post listed as: missing white Chihuahua. It was a small white dog that weighed 45lbs that disappeared after a robbery in the house on elder ave. on Imperial beach. The dog was 4 years old and even I thought it was somewhat cute when I printed the picture out.


The next day I decided to visit the newly wed couple at their apartment. I recently spoke to the wife before I arrived, claiming to be apart of this agency of PET DETECTIVES and that I can find their dog in 48 hours or I’ll give them a full refund plus an extra $300. I supposed that’s why they were so eager to have me over so quickly. They were nice though.

As I sat down, the wife instantly brought me over a cup of tea, a beverage that I do enjoy ever so much. The husband didn’t seem to reflect the same attitude though. He gave me a suspicious look and I began to question in my mind if he’d seen through my disguise.

That was….until I noticed a phycology degree on the top of his shelf, the second row of his book cased filled with abnormal phycology studies, his crossed legs to gain a line of defense, and his broad shoulders to show offense. I knew his suit cost around $500-$700, his shoes about $300, that gold wrist watch was a good thousand. This man had to have come from a wealthy family until I noticed a picture in the far back of the room covered with dusk. It was a picture of him and his father inside a dark room. His father may have had on a suit like him, however, I recognized a glass trophy in the shape of a truck sitting on top of a desk. I knew exactly what that was. It was a tow-driver award given during the year. This man couldn’t have been as wealthy as I first thought, giving me the noticed that it was the wife side of the family that had money.

He just have been the man just sponging off her. There were dozens of pictures in their living room but that was the only one that had dusk labeled on the front. He had to have been ashamed of that picture but his wife wanted him to have it out.

After our discussion, I was given the story that the newly wed couple came back home only to discover someone broke in their apartment and stolen their dog, which I come to find out is worth $9000. They couldn’t guess who would want to steal their dog and the dog was a gift from the wife’s mother. They called the police and filed a report, but the wife knew they weren’t going to find them, thus having her make an attempt to post an add on craigslist, hoping someone would help them out.

The husband must have doubt my skills after looking me up and down, swearing I looked like a teenager in his mind. Before I set off to find this dog within 48 hours, I asked the couple if I could look around their home for any clues. Unfortunately I didn’t anything as to how the dog disappeared. Whoever did this already thought ahead and had to had great insights on what was inside the apartment.

The only thing I discovered in their house was that the wife was the daughter of a wealthy family from the stock market, they like to dine often, they distrust each other, they haven’t had sex for three weeks, they had to had arguments nearly every night, and that the husband was hiding the fact he had a secret affair going on for about five or maybe seven months. It was nothing I found useful though…..I only had 47 hours left.


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