My real name isn’t of any importance. As far as anyone is concerned, my name is Imperial Glance. I enjoy solving puzzles and I enjoy speaking to people so that I can understand them. I read several books so that I can understand people in a general, but they seem to continue changing everyday. It’s been like this for hundred of years, but if I were to say something, humans can change so much and yet act very repetitive with history. People say history doesn’t repeat itself, but from experience, I think it does in someway or another. Humans are bound to repeat the process that their last generation did because they look at them as a guide and try to take their footsteps in the best way possible. But anyway, if you really have the need to find my identity, unless you’re one of the customers I have on here, GOOD LUCK….. Click the Edit link to make changes to this page or add another page.


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